The Complexity of Relationships

I started my morning in conversation with my honest friend Kerry.  Everybody should have one; truly honest friends are so invaluable. Kerry always keeps me in check and makes me walk around inside myself – checking for leaks in my spirit. In the middle of our chat about how complex relationships can be Kerry said “ I just want somebody to love me like they hate me.”    I said WOW!  that is so deep.  He went on to explain that when someone hates you, you feel all of that emotion – instantly!  You feel it in their look, their talk, their walk, their spirit.  It is very clear what that emotion is all about.

Love, on the other hand is far more complex.  We all have probably experienced relationships in which it was as clear as mud whether this was a loving relationship or not.  I too have questioned – far too many times – whether or not I was being loved the same way I felt I was giving love.  I asked myself “Am I in this relationship all by myself? Why am I the only one calling? Should I be upset because you didn’t remember my birthday or that we had a date for dinner two Fridays ago, and on and on and on…”

And what about those Platonic relationships?  Is it Platonic on both sides?  And just where does Platonic end and something more serious begin?  Or is that line of friendship kinda love the kiss of death for what has been a wonderful, open and trusting relationship?

I am and always will be a hopeless romantic and will never apologize for that.  So I hold out for love — true love and refuse to settle for anything less.



Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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