Authored Books by: Pauline W. Mansfield

The Turtle Story – 7 Steps to Breaking Free from Domestic Violence

Description: The author is just one of thousands of women who suffered from the hands of a domestic partner. The Turtle Story was written as both a cleansing for the author and a beacon of light for those still living in bondage. Go with the author as she takes you on her journey through domestic violence and into freedom. You will discover:

  • The early signs of an abuser.
  • How to handle a stalker.
  • How to develop an exit plan
  • How to make “The Great Escape.”
  • What to expect when you are rebuilding your life.

“This book is a testimony of a Strong Survivor Queen who has, as a Turtle, finally reached the place in her life where she woke and remembered who she really is. She tells her secrets to remind you that you need not search outside of yourself to confirm your greatness,” -Therese Homer, BSMS, Executive Director & CEO of Domestic Violence Interventions of Florida, Inc.

Category: Self Help

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Description: Turtle Story 2 – Life on the Other Side of Abuse is a follow-up to my escape from a long endured abusive relationship. Living on the other side – FREEDOM – has been my destination to a dream of peace and freedom. I wrote this book to encourage those who are rebuilding lives that were torn apart by abuse, to let them know that there is always hope. This hope is built on a bridge of fortitude, love, and support from carefully chosen people, passions, and organizations within the community. This is my story, this is my song… Everybody has their own unique story to share with the world. I hope that by sharing my story, I will help to change a life or even save one.

ISBN: 9781983988936

Category: Self Help


The Chess Master

Living Life on a Chessboard & Letting God Make All the Moves

Description: The Chess Master started as a challenge to the author´s son to write a book about his passion – the game of chess. The challenge then became her challenge – to deliver a message about our need to surrender to what God knows is best for us. This book gives a unique comparison of the game of chess to real life. Each piece on the chessboard mirrors our lives as relates to our Mothers, Fathers, our homes, the church, ourselves as workers and our Protector. By sharing personal stories, the author takes us on a journey across the board of life. This author´s personal mission is to touch and change the lives of readers by helping them to see ways in which to improve their lives through prayer, commitment to God, and surrender to His will.

ISBN: 1-4415-4640-5 Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-4415-4640-1 Trade Paperback

Category: Motivational, Inspirational & Personal Growth

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Description: Emanuel Mansfield, touted as the ‘Second Roland Hayes’, was one of the most extraordinary tenors of his time. Despite his many life challenges, Emanuel managed to hold on to his life dreams and accomplished much more than he ever dreamed. The oldest of 18 children, the grandson of slaves, a high school dropout, and a poor African American raised in a rural environment, he soared to unbelievable heights as a renowned concert tenor. His daughter, Pauline Mansfield, who journeyed to find the story of her father and his family roots, poignantly tells this dreamer’s story.

ISBN: 9781503564534 Softcover

ISBN: 9781503564510 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781503564527 E-Book

Category: Biography Black Music History

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