Ever wonder why Mother’s Day is a day almost like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving? So much excitement, so much spending, preparation and cleaning for this celebration. It’s because of the Power of Mom. When celebrities do a “shout out” on TV it’s always “Hi Mom!”. And why you ask…

The Power of Mom includes on-the-job training as Driver, Counselor, Preacher, Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Advocate, Garbage woman, Groomer, Zoo Keeper, Painter, Decorator, Cook, Bottle washer, Sitter, Sewer, Dishwasher, Tour Guide, Entertainer, Planner, Mediator, Card Sender, Psychic, Matchmaker, Personal Shopper, Tutor, Typist, Secretary, Indian Chieftess, Financier, and Friend. The list goes on, but time nor space permits listing all the things that Moms do and do without thinking.

We all get to have one — a Mom that is –whether we choose or not, it is destined that we have one assigned by God. Sometimes we get to keep our original one and by God’s choosing sometimes we get another — each decision made with a specific purpose in mind.

As in any other profession, some Mom’s do the job extraordinarily well and some really make just one big mess of it. The Power of Mom is extraordinarily strong, influential and life changing.

On this 2011 Mother’s Day weekend, I reflect of the Power of my Mom and my Grandmom. Talk about POWER! My Mom was the epitome of the word!! She was a quiet storm — sometimes a Tsunami. if you really pissed her off. She was the most loving and supportive Mom anyone could ever have. Although we had our MOMENTS (especially when I was a teenager and the hair was beginning to grow under my armpits) Ms. Z (Zelma) was one of the most wonderful women I have ever encountered other than my Grandmom (Nana). Mom Z was more of a Queen than a servant, but she loved helping people. She was almost always gathering food, clothes, money to help somebody else in time of need. Our house was like a hotel — doors always open for someone needing someplace to stay (Free of Course!). Z has blessed more people than one can count. She wasn’t big on cooking, cleaning and never learned to drive, so she was always chauffeured to and fro (what else would you expect for a Queen?!). She was quite the entertainer — always made me laugh with stories from her childhood – oh so many stories! My daughter Jenni is so much like her in personality and in her nature of giving to others –both in spirit and in kindness.

My “Nana” –Julia Middleton Govan Wright was a Warrior Mom! She was very slight in stature – probably never weighed much over 100 lbs. But oh my!! Was she ever tough. I have seen her wring the necks off of chickens and chop up a menacing snake in the woods with a butcher knife without even blinking. But at the same time she was genuinely a southern belle — sitting on the porch sippin’ sweet tea and cookies while crocheting doilies for the arms of her chairs. She had a wicked – sometimes raunchy – sense of humor, and she and God were best friends. She tried her best to make sure He was our best friend too. When storms came Nana would make us all sit in the middle of the living room while we listened to God speak. And he would often “speak” Loud & Long!!!!!! Sometimes His voice got to be pretty scary. But Nana just sat there calmly – either crocheting or reading her Bible until the storms passed and God was through “talking”. That’s how she lived her life — through many a storm but with no visible fear. She was quite an impressive lady.

I have fortunately had the benefit of many strong African Queens in my life who have influenced me and mine in so many positive ways. I know they are holding council up there right now –conferencing every day with God, just wearing His ear out with their special requests for every loved one still here on earth. Thank God my Mom Z, my Nana and for every mother angel – in heaven and still here on earth.

On this Mother’s Day, I do not have my Mother or Grandmother with me physically but they are always with me in spirit. If I pass on to my daughter half of what my matriarchal Queens passed on to me and others, then I am thankful for the Power of Mom that was instilled in me and that reigns throughout the universe in the heart and soul of every good and loving mom that God has created.



Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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