Pauline is a lover of words with masterful insight. She has authored four books and consults with others who are working to tell their own stories in a book. Pauline created the Turtle Queen Author’s Club as a collective of like-minded writers whose mission is to support and uplift each other on their writing journeys. As a ‘Story Artisan,’ Pauline is currently a Biographer for an international writing service, creating memoirs to help preserve family stories. https://storyterrace.com/pauline-mansfield/ In addition to her passion for writing, Pauline is V.P. of Membership for her favorite public speaking organization, Toastmasters International. She is a blogger who inspires and motivates others with the message that “it is never too late to live your best life.” There is an African proverb that states, “Behold The Turtle: He Makes Progress Only When He Sticks His Neck Out.” As an author, story consultant, public speaker, biographer, contributing writer, and blogger, Pauline continues to deliver messages that will help positively change the lives of others. She is “The Turtle Queen!”

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Pauline Mansfield is a native of Chapel Hill, Maryland. She graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and received her graduate degree in Business Leadership from Shorter University in Rome, GA.  Pauline serves on the COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD for the EMORY NIA PROJECT and formerly served as Advisory Board member for REAL PARENTS, INC. Both non-profit organizations are devoted to positively changing the lives of men and women – one life at a time.

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Magazine Contributor. Blogger.

I love to write whether it is through my blog, TURTLE QUEEN WRITEPLACE, or as a contributing writer for magazines like Kin + Dignity, I enjoy sharing stories about culture and arts and thoughts that bring out the best in others.

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Writer of Books. Lover of Stories.

My first book was The Turtle Story – 7 Steps to Breaking Free From Domestic Violence  started me on a journey that completely changed my life. With this brand new me, this Turtle’s journey helped to brand me with the confidence to not only grow and stretch myself, but to also grow and stretch others.

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As an editor and story consultant, I help new potential writers and established writers organize their thoughts and develop their visions into tangible books.

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