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Kin + Dignity Magazine is a print and digitally published publication that preserves and honors black narratives, tips, and opinions with a southern flair. It targets a mature southern audience ages 35 to 55 and sheds light on the untold impact of Southern Black Culture in small towns, suburbs, and rural communities, where the culture is highly underrepresented. Jaquetta Bazier, Founding Editor, Kin + Dignity Magazine

Enjoy a few of my written contributions:

Easter Monday – Memories from ‘The Hill’

Birthing A New You

The Gingerbread Man

What I Can Do, I Will Do: A Mother’s Strength to Save Her 5-Year-Old Daughter


“The Gingerbread Man”

As I started reading this story, I felt as if the writer pulled up to my door and blew her car horn for me to come take a ride with her. I eagerly agreed. She asked if I liked gingerbread, in a manner more like a statement than a question. She just as quickly changed the subject as we pulled up to an old, but welcoming house that said, “Come on in.” There, I met her Uncle Arthur, a man whose dignity shown through his every move, mannerism, and facial expression. He was a responsible man who took his role in life seriously. She made me welcome to walk around his home—inside and out. It was understandable why the birds would visit and sing and remain as long as they could before flying off to tend to their own responsibilities. It was because it was comfortable and safe—like a refuge for all living things. I sat and watched as she assisted her Uncle Arthur with his chore of chopping wood for the stove. I watched as she gathered and prepped the ingredients for his specialty dish. Under his tutelage, I saw her learning while doing, all the while wanting him to know that she took her responsibility to learn as seriously as he took his responsibility to nurture. This childhood story was a journey so thorough and so endearing that I even smelled the molasses, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. A vicarious journey that explained her first question to me as I took this ride with her, “Do you like gingerbread?” The answer is absolutely, and I will never ever be able to eat gingerbread again without recalling the memory of her Uncle Arthur. Pauline, this is a remarkable story. You took me there. ~ Dee Robinson

Such a beautiful story of joy and love which almost brought me to tears. It reminded me of my own childhood with the wood stove. I made plenty of fires in the firebox.
I totally enjoyed it and it brought back pleasant memories of my childhood. My grandma’s gingerbread may rival Uncle Arthur’s ☀️. Please write more stories, Ms. Mansfield.
 ~ Marian F. Hatch

“Birthing A New You”

Powerful script and impactful audio reading. Rebirths are a blessing. Hmmm, what an opportunity for resetting, rebranding, and making another push to putting forth the best “you” in a world that requires real sacrifice, and, in all likelihood, The supreme sacrifice: living. The task of living is far greater than one of a reclusive “do nothing.” Ms. Mansfield story is a catalyst to that eventual rebirth. ~ Na’eem H. Muwwakkil

Simply amazing! I was interrupted twice while trying to read this yet the distractions couldn’t deter me from finishing. You were definitely created to write. Your style causes the reader to long for more; at least that’s what it did for me. The audio was great but as a person who loves to read, I was very impressed with your imaginative style. Keep sharing! ~ ttjroach

Wow! This Birthing A New You story was an awesome read. I believe what you have stated and it is so inspiring. By the way — as a person who LOOOOOOVES Audio Books, the added voice of the woman reading was an amazing touch. Was this HER story or yours? It felt like I was there with her/you. The writing is amazing and you picked the perfect voice to tell this triumphant story. Congrats on being able to push thru and share this. Tell more! ~J Bazier 


Love Said Not So: Stories of Faith, Change and Love


The Heart and Soul of Love Anthology – Turtle Queen Authors

The Heart and Soul of Love - Turtle Queen Authors Anthology

Edited by Pauline Mansfield & Samuel Bivins