Human rights issues tend to be thought of as problems for others to deal with from a distance — like human trafficking, foreign imprisonment, extreme starvation in foreign countries and poverty worldwide. These issues are all so important.  But right next door in almost every country in our modern world lives a dark and painful secret — a secret that raises its ugly head occasionally in news feed as an interesting  but oh so painful story. Domestic abuse – one of the most privately violent Human Rights issues is often not next door, but right inside our homes.

In America more and more efforts are being made to pass laws to protect women, children, and men who are victims of domestic abuse but it still does not seem to be enough. My heart aches each time I hear a story of a life lost at the hands of an abuser because the victim was not aware of resources for protection or who was just afraid or too embarrassed to tell somebody.  According to an ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 2011 Woman’s Right Forum 1.3 million women are victims of assault by intimate partners each year; and 1 in 4 American women are abused by their partners.  The world statistics then must be staggering.

All issues of human rights are important — In the Bible Jesus says: ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’  We must all be concerned — deeply concerned — about the least of these. My personal commitment is to do all I can to educate women & men about domestic abuse and how each of us can do our part to help end this terrible dis – ease. I call this a dis-ease because first, it makes everyone uncomfortable. Second, it is exacting what the dictionary describes the word to mean :

  a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally

  a problem that a person, group, organization, or society has and cannot stop

Having been a victim of this dis- ease myself I speak from experience and know the ravages of this condition.  I, however, was one of the lucky ones who survived and feel it my duty to help others survive.   I can start with my neighbors and friends. I am just one person;  but as the Butterfly Affect Quote states :  “The flutter of a butterfly’s wings can create a typhoon half way across the world” .   We, as caring human being towards the least of these, must do our part to help our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, our sisters, our brothers, our daughters and sons.  This is not a gender specific issue, it is a human rights issue. We must start shaking the waters and create a typhoon that will wipe this issue from the face of the earth. And we must get busy right now  because as the world becomes sicker and sicker far too many lives are lost because one person failed to do their part.  What do you plan to do?  Just do it now!


Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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  1. roach59 says:

    This was another great article. I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting for your next post. FINALLY!!! And a great post, I must add. This is a topic that I hear a lot about but have no first hand knowledge. Perhaps there are some people in my circle who suffer from this in silence, but I certainly am unaware. I think it is incredible for you to continue to shed light on this insanity. This sounds like a HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP PROJECT!!! Let me know if I can help.


  2. Sadly I have first hand experience of this from my first marriage. I feel lucky now to have escaped with my life and found someone that would treat me right. A lot of women don’t and a lot of them don’t live to tell the tale. I applaud you for bringing light to this subject. Everyone should live without fear and be safe. ♥


    • Thank you Kathy for your response. You are blessed to have also escaped to start a new life. Life on this side is so much more wonderful. I have not remarried and cringe at the thought be am so happy for you. I pray for those who are still in bondage and wrote a book that I use to help those who just need a small push to move on. This is my way of paying it forward. Pauline Mansfield – A Joyful Survivor


  3. Keith says:

    Excellent Article !
    This dis-ease effects us all at one point or another in our lives. Your right, we are living in a World that has gone mad, and a society that is Dying ! We don’t have to Spirituality die along with it. The only way I see things changing for the better, is that we all help one another wherever needed. This article goes to the core of both families and relationships.
    Thank you,
    The Struggle Continues,
    Keith Griffith Bey


    • Thanks for your response Keith. I know that God is not pleased with us right now. The world HAS gone mad!! And it begins in our little ones who have become unfeeling, uncaring, uncompassionate, mean-spirited mutants. That is so frightening!! This is a view of the world to come. Things truly need to change now! We, as adults, need to stand toe to toe with our children/grandchildren the way our parents did with us. They have truly forgotten that they are children. They think that they are our equals and adults often back down from the push back they get from their own children. What a sad state of affairs.


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