We Are All Searching for “The Real Thing”


It’s really hard to explain this friendship

But why explain – its basis is truth.

It’s truth and trust and treasures and time

It’s laughter and love of a different kind

It’s spiritual, intellectual, humane and thoughtful

It’s constant, consistent, balanced, and like the blinking of an eye —

It just happens — so easy — not contrived or deceiving

An understanding when to talk, when to listen, what to show.

It just becomes something we automatically know.


A journey so special — seeking wisdom, finding more

Two people bonded at their souls — both giving from their core.


There’s other love — lust, and passion; And then there is a step beyond;

A place so natural and real, that we never really have to question how we feel.

It’s like breathing and sleeping — it just happens — keeps us live!

Not so complex — simple, sweet — a love that makes us feel complete.


This love builds a strong foundation unlike the fragile facades in this world of illusions.

And inspires poets and angels to sing. Plato was really on to something.


Is this what we all are really searching for?

Or somewhere out there could there be even more?

True love is a force that holds a great promise

To take us beyond the limits of ourselves.

And if we use it for our highest good

We will find immortal love —   Pauline Mansfield, Poet/Author

It seems that almost every day I am talking with someone about finding something or someone to make their lives feel complete. There is so much love out there in the world that one would think this quest would not be so daunting.  Perhaps we are all looking for the wrong things in all the wrong places.  Our images of what love should be are colored by false images we see on TV and out in the world. I stumbled on this poem I wrote several years ago  that was inspired by the philosopher Plato whose definition of love is one with which I truly connect. 

For me  it is not about some sappy, lustful, half-baked relationship that leaves both people feeling truly unfed. It is instead, one in which both people inspire each other, with their minds and souls directed toward spiritual things.

We very often settle for less than we all really deserve by focusing in on the first warm pulse that comes near. But like all things great and good we must learn to move carefully toward that in our lives which will be an immeasurable reward for all of our patience. Psalm 27:14


The TurtleQueen Speaks – Moving confidently towards God’s gifts.



Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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