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       I’ve sometimes been guilty of getting stuck in a dream – one that plays over and over in my head like a bad movie.  I become tortured by the repetitiveness of these recurring images that seem never … Continue reading


Getting Lost in What I Love

“Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” ― Gloria Steinem Time stands still when one gets lost in what they love — For some it is eating, for … Continue reading

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Floating down g e n t ly Foretaste of raw time of change Warms my soul once more.

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      I’ll relive this moment again and again like a nightmare – falling, falling, falling…              With no apparent end.     I should have been there – I knew the end was near    We don’t own ourselves … Continue reading

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I glanced up at my calendar on the wall as I wiped the fog from my eyes — trying to orient to  another day. I was instantly reminded of a time way back in the day when we were so … Continue reading

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We Are All Searching for “The Real Thing”

PLATONIC LOVE – THE REAL THING It’s really hard to explain this friendship But why explain – its basis is truth. It’s truth and trust and treasures and time It’s laughter and love of a different kind It’s spiritual, intellectual, humane … Continue reading

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Our World of Words

Our World of Words.

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