Every single day we are subject to experience incredible miracles and keeping 0ur hearts open to receiving  them seems to  multiply what  comes to us.   Today I received a call from a friend who shared a wonderful breakthru.  She was so depressed after having lost her job unexpectedly.  She did not know which way to turn.  But as the Master would have it,   She was able to gather her strength and face the world.

She needed to pass an exam to get her professional license but had put it off for over a year.  This time off from work allowed her to prepare for the exam and she passed with flying colors.  This has opened a world of possibilities for my friend.

She was able to move beyond what seemed impossible despite her fears.


Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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2 Responses to The MOVES CONTINUE…

  1. simplydilsa says:

    This is a book review posted on my website. Pauline, I love your book and wish you the best success with it….
    Appealing to the spiritual being, this book supports the fact that intimacy with God is crucial and letting him have control of your life is always the right choice. This book talks about the pieces in the game of chess. The author explains how each mirrors our roles in society, historically and currently. She identifies the strengths of each piece and the weaknesses without relying on God’s master moves and trusting Him.

    I loved the quote from her friend “that a church is like a hospital,” because that is what it is for me. Though I describe myself as a more spiritual person than religious, since I am not big on traditions and rigid perspectives, I find myself going to church when I have the need for healing or community or spiritual reinforcement. It is where I feel safe so that is my hospital. That is truly my Bishop, the piece representing the church.

    The Chess Master (God) makes moves all the time, controlling the board, seeking a victory as his goal for each of us. There are many examples of how lives are moved in the direction that God has planned for them, if the individuals have surrendered to his plan, and not solely their own. It reminds us that we truly are not in control of our lives, even when we do have our own plans, and that if we would just be still and listen, we can hear God and trust God to make all the moves for us. I highly recommend this book because it makes you stop and think as each piece and each anecdote is presented, and it makes you want to listen more carefully for God to speak to you loud and clear.


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