The Turtle Story – 7 Steps to Breaking Free from Domestic Violence

The author is just one of thousands of women who suffered from the hands of a domestic partner. The Turtle Story was written as both a cleansing for the author and a beacon of light for those still living in bondage.

Go with the author as she takes you on her journey through domestic violence and into freedom. You will discover:

  • The early signs of an abuser.
  • How to handle a stalker.
  • How to develop an exit plan
  • How to make “The Great Escape.”
  • What to expect when you are rebuilding your life.

“This book is a testimony of a Strong Survivor Queen who has, as a Turtle, finally reached the place in her life where she woke and remembered who she really is. She tells her secrets to remind you that you need not search outside of yourself to confirm your greatness,” -Therese Homer, BSMS, Executive Director & CEO of Domestic Violence Interventions of Florida, Inc.

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